What if your new handbag was

the only such handbag in the world

Discover unique handbags crafted
from wood and leather

Unique. Just like you

Charm everyone around with a handbag composed of only three elements. Wood, leather and originality. There will be nobody to compare with as nobody will ever own the same one.

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Each kind of wood has its own charm. You will never meet anyone carrying the identical handbag. The handbag you choose will simply be one of a kind.

Elegant and timeless design does not need to follow trends. Right now, there is the opportunity to indulge in the true and sophisticated luxury.

In our family company, we create original wooden handbags with timeless value. For two years, we worked on the development of a patented design with many original features.

All our handbags are handcrafted in our own workshop in the Czech Republic. We have absolute control of the production process. You can be sure that along with your new WODD handbag, you are also getting an original piece of wood-and-leather jewelry.

100% natural, 100% charming

Get yourself and others fascinated by the natural beauty of wood which will not,thanks to you, remain hidden. Express originality your way and you will also keep a piece of nature within easy reach.


More about wood    

What do they color the wood with? The answer is simple: Pure nature! We do not apply any additional color as there is no real need to do so. It is incredible what color combinations the nature herself is able to come up with. It is the nature that gives WODD handbags their colors, not man-made chemistry.

We want to make the handbags of the most beautiful kinds of wood for you. We therefore select them personally at the best European suppliers. We must manually go through and inspect hundreds of veneer stacks.

And the purchase of wood is only where the whole process begins. We want to select only the most attractive looking wood patterns. There are many parts of wood to make the handbag of. It nevertheless requires time and patience, as this is where the unique look of your handbag is born.

Harmony of wood and leather

The superior quality leather does not get old. It matures to beauty.
You will enjoy carrying your handbag forever.

More about leather   

It matters to us that you will be able to enjoy your handbag for many years to come. Therefore we source our leather from the top quality European supplier with 150 year-long tradition.

How come some old things look great despite having obviously been worn? They have grown to get even more beautiful thanks to careful manufacturing using high quality materials. Quality is not subject to trends. It only gains value. Time-proven truth.

The WODD handbag embodies synergy of wood and leather. Thanks to beautiful wood and high quality leather also your WODD handbag will grow beautiful and gain value. And it might as well be your now little daughter who will enjoy wearing it in distant future.

Careful handcrafting

Manual sewing is a traditional craft demanding great deal of focus and time. Here, haste is really waste.
However, you can be sure that each of the 1000 stitches on your handbag will remain perfectly intact for lifetime.
More about handcrafting   

We dedicate tens of hours of careful handcrafting to each handbag. In the beginning, we make the wooden part. To make it more durable, more layers of wood are pressed into one. Along its circumference, we then grind a groove, into which we manually drill 350 tiny holes. Yes, we drill them one at a time.

The leather part is sewn to the wooden body of the handbag by hand, using the saddle stitch. It is a time-proven, however demanding process. The hand-sewn stitch sinks into the groove perfectly and remains safe in place. The result is a functional and unbelievably elegant detail.

The handles of each handbag are also sewn by hand, therefore each handbag boasts about 1000 hand-sewn stitches.

Elegant and practical opening system

Opening and closing a handbag has never been so easy.
Thanks to the unique magnetic clip, you will handle your handbag with grace. 
The more elegant, the more practical and safe.
  More about magnetic closing    

Most handbags come with a zipper opening. Something that we also considered during the development process. But even the most expensive one did not seem sophisticated and noble enough to match the WODD handbag. None of them actually reflects the handbag’s charm.

Therefore we came up with our own magnetic system. The result is a very practical, elegant and safe solution. It works perfectly in combination with the wooden part of the WODD handbag. We believe that you will also enjoy opening and closing your handbag.

Luxury on the inside

The WODD handbags are also flawless even
in places hidden from the first sight.
The interior is lined with velvet-smooth leather on soft upholstering.
You will indulge in that feeling each time
you slip your hand inside the handbag.
  More about the handbag’s interior configuration    

Every woman has her own preferences when it comes to the interior configuration of a handbag. What pockets do you appreciate? Choose the ones that will match your preferences. The choice is yours.

Do you like polyester notebook bags? We do not. Carry your notebook inside your handbag. At your request, we will finish your handbag with a soft leather pocket that will fit your notebook precisely. Good bye to polyester computer bags, thank God.

Moreover, the tough wooden design of the WODD handbag ensures that your personal necessities will always be safe.

Ebony bottom studs

The WODD handbag is an original piece of jewelry.
That is why it deserves proper bottom feet made of rare and very tough ebony. They will stay beautiful forever.
More about properties of ebony    

Ebony is indeed a truly unique wood in many respects. We were taught at school that wood floats on water. It is not the case of ebony, though. Its density of 1150 kg/m3 results in the fact that it sinks to the bottom. You do not need to try that, we conducted the experiment for you. It really is so.

It is interesting that the trunks of ebony carry that specific black pigment. The scientists, having tested the properties of ebony and after profound analysis of wood, found out that it is directly related to the tree’s self-protection against microorganisms and fungi.

Vast majority of trees have bark which is lighter color than the wood of the trunk. Interestingly, in case of ebony, it is the opposite case. From the perspective of color, it is,in fact, inside out.

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